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Humanistic concept
We should encourage people with our vision and goals, cultivate people with the platform of career development, retain people with emotion and remuneration, and encourage talents to constantly surpass themselves and get on a broader stage.

Human resource objectives
Adhere to the "people-oriented" concept of enterprise development, attract, cultivate and retain high-level talents closely related to the management industry, create a rational allocation of elite talent team, structure optimization; To form effective macro and micro human resource development and management capabilities, to form humanized and efficient management of employees at all levels; Constantly improve and innovate the salary and welfare system, adapt to the enterprise brand and scale, protect the reasonable flow, and provide a solid guarantee for the stability of the backbone staff; Build an excellent employer image of electronic enterprises, build a "learning organization" employee growth mechanism, effectively promote the common development of employees and enterprises.

Through the effective implementation of talent introduction strategy, management promotion strategy, salary and welfare strategy and employer brand strategy, an ecological environment of talent career development is created, which is characterized by "working in excellent crystal, learning in excellent crystal, becoming in excellent crystal, developing in excellent crystal, dedicating in excellent crystal and succeeding in excellent crystal".

Human-oriented human resource mechanism

Optimal crystal to talent as the most important wealth and motive force of the enterprise long-term development, through the establishment of echelon the selection of the talent training mechanism, fair and scientific performance evaluation mechanism, classify the system training mechanism, reasonable distribution of rich welfare mechanism, build enterprise and employee long-term win-win benefit community, realizes the enterprise and staff grow up together.